Why Change?

Three good reasons ....

1. The responses to our 2018 questionnaire…

At the beginning of 2018 we received nearly 200 response to our questionnaire – asking how local people currently use the shop and what would be most important to encourage them to shop more….

Current usage…

Usage of the shop is currently highest amongst retired households and relatively limited for families with children:

Opening hours….

Extending week day evening opening hours would be significant in encouraging working households and those with children to shop more


Product emerged as most important to encourage all types of household to shop significantly more…

… top was ‘more premium locally made products’ and ‘more choice of chilled, fresh’.

2. The Advice of Plunkett

Plunketts are a charitable organisation that helps community shops.  In December 2017 we took up the opportunity to have them conduct a review – carried out by Graham Brown who owns his own store and has reviewed many community stores to compare us with…

Key recommendations…

  1. Extend chilled ranges and consider locating milk chiller in the window
  2. Consider bake-off bread
  3. Reallocate space – cut poor sellers and reallocate to new lines
  4. Consider extending hours – particularly week day evenings and Sundays
  5. Post Office economics are challenging and necessitate multi-tasking
  6. Consider a dedicated Committee role for marketing
  7. Make changes together and expect it to take time for customers to respond


3. What sells well and what doesn't

A ‘heat map’ of what sells well currently (in red) to what sells poorly (in blue), indicates a significant opportunity to reallocate space – cutting out duplicates and poor sellers to give more space to categories with greater potential demand

Categories with potential; milk, dairy, fruit & veg, ice cream, magazines?

Categories to edit; household, toiletries, petfood, stationery, cards & wrap, confectionery